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Mold Removal New Haven

Mold Removal New Haven

For the best and most affordable mold removal in New Haven, contact Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning today. We're the ones people trust to remove mold from their homes and prevent future mold.

Dry Spore Mold Removal

Dry spore removal takes place after containment has been achieved. HEPA vacuuming is the catalyst for the proper removal of contaminants from your areas of mold abundance. Debris or porous materials containing mold will be removed in secured bags. This process ensures that other mold-free areas in your home will remain that way.

At Steamatic, there are several options in the mold removal process. One option involves disinfecting the mold. A wire brush is used to create channels on the surface to effectively kill the roots as well. Ask us today about our all-natural disinfectant option.

Another option, dry ice, is used to blast mold off of porous surfaces. Dry ice blasting is a process that is just as effective as treatment by wire brush and disinfection. Known as a cutting-edge treatment amongst mold professionals, dry ice blasting provides the customer with a completely organic approach. The mold seemingly melts away when it comes into contact with the dry ice. This option is similar but less messy than soda blasting.
After a single round of dry ice blasting, the surface will be completely free of mold spores. The effect is so extensive that in some instances, you might question if there was ever really mold there.


When spore removal has been completed, protecting your home from future mold is key. The process known as encapsulation will make this a reality. The customer has the choice between a clear and white coat encapsulant. Both encapsulants come with a lengthy warranty of ten years. The choice of which encapsulant you use may be determined based on the cosmetic approach you are looking to sustain in that area. Both encapsulants contain anti-microbial agents used to sustain future resistance in your treated areas. The encapsulation process closes the chapter in your home's history of dealing with mold.

Breakdown and Site Cleanup

Upon completion of your mold remediation, proper procedures are followed to ensure that mold spores will not drift into other spaces in your home. HEPA vacuuming of containment materials will take place before containment is broken down. Disinfectant is also used moderately during the breakdown of contained areas. It is our goal at Steamatic to make sure that our visit to your home is one of finality.

Keys to Good Remediation

Proper mold remediation is the beginning of a new chapter, in most cases, for you and your family. For the best mold remediation, you want to make sure you:

  • Hire a certified remediation professional, such as Steamatic Restoration and Cleaning
  • Get a warranty on all labor and materials
  • Utilize professional products and equipment
  • Receive containment, removal, and cleaning of infected areas

Contact Steamatic Today

If you've got mold damage in your home, whether it's a small amount or a large amount, give Steamatic a call. We're the number one choice for mold removal in New Haven, CT.

Mold Removal New Haven
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Mold Removal New Haven

Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning - CT, NY & MA
Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning - CT, NY & MA
Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning - CT, NY & MA
Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning - CT, NY & MA